How it works?

how it works

Buying / Selling


1. Register.
2. Get verified and approved.
3. Search available offers and get connected with direct sellers.
4. Bid and purchase the products.
5. Pay or use available financing options on the platform (refinancing, factoring, after-delivery-payments, insurance).
6. Organise pick-ups directly with the warehouse either personally or with the help of the platform by auctioning a confirmed contract directly to a pool of various logistical companies.
7. Monitor pick-ups and receive all the necessary documentation for it.
8. Check and analyse the markets for new trends and opportunities.


1. Register.
2. Get verified and approved.
3. Start submitting offers for fertilizers and get connected with direct buyers.
4. Negotiate bids and confirm orders for their products.
5. Monitor and receive payments.
6. Track and observe loadings and deliveries of the sold products.
7. Receive all the necessary financial and logistical documentation for the sold products.
8. Check and analyse the markets for new trends and opportunities.

Why Us

Financial gains

No need to pay additionally to intermediaries;
Beneficial and competitive financial support/conditions directly from the service providers;
Personalised payment and repayment systems;
Competitive and direct logistical support;


Ability to trade anywhere at anytime;
Aviso and payment systems allow the user to keep track all of the orders at once in an efficient and effective way;

Easy to use

The platform is adjusted to the basic needs and lifestyle of a business professional within the fertilizer trading sector;


Everything on the platform is done in an effective and efficient way, therefore saving a lot of valuable time for the user;


The companies within the platform are carefully selected, checked, thoroughly screened and verified;


Deals are done on the platform anonymously without any intermediaries between healthy, safe and verified companies;


In order to register on the system, a legal representative of the company needs to sign up and complete the registration form. Once the form is completed, a verification process of the company will begin, where a successful applicant will be granted access towards the Fertrado trading platform.
Producers, traders, distributors, retailers or even end-users (e.g. farmers, co-operatives, etc.) are all eligible to register into the system. Fertrado is a digital marketplace for the fertilizer industry within the boundaries of the European Union. However, any international companies that comply with the EU and International regulations are also welcomed.
After the registration, the Fertrado team starts to personally check and verify every newly registered company in order to ensure a trusted, safe and honest environment with users and companies that namely embody these values. After the verification process (3-5 business days), the Fertrado team will inform you on the progress and whether or not your company has been granted access to freely buy or sell fertilizers on the platform. Please note, that during the verification process additional information or documentation may be asked from your company by one of our team members. Later on, more individual users from the same company will have the possibility of registering on the same account within the system.
It is very important that the information and data about you and your company is always up to date on the system. Any new information about the company can be updated in the system’s settings section (top right corner).
In the “my offers” section, press “new offer” button and then follow the necessary instructions and steps in order to submit an offer to the “marketplace” section. Of course, the Fertrado team will be happy to help and assist you with placing an offer. You can contact a member of the team via the “help” section within the platform or directly via e-mail:
Only registered and verified product buyers can see the price and availability of the products being sold. Other information is hidden and anonymous. Based on your company’s profile and the system’s algorithm, the offers are “matched” or “seen” based on various attributes including the product’s origin, price, location, buying company’s profile and many more.
For offers that are set for an “automatic confirmation”, you are obliged to provide the stated quantity for the noted conditions (price, loading location, etc.). Failure in doing so, results in fees and possible future bans from the system.
Fertrado stores all your active “sold” or “purchased” orders and your previous “history” of all the completed orders in the “my orders” section, where the majority of the necessary documentation (CMRs, invoices, etc.) is stored as well.
No. The details of your transaction are only visible to you and the buyer.
At the moment, orders are being done on a pre-payment basis. However, soon the platform will have a factoring/financing option implemented within the system, where buyers would have a possibility to finance their open contracts and pay after the delivery. Sellers, on the other hand, would get a 90%-100% pre-payment regardless of the selected payment method from the buyer (with the rest 0%-10% being transferred after the completion of the deliveries).
Depending on the packaging and the offer type, the minimum amount fluctuates between 24-25 metric tonnes – i.e. one truck.
Currently, all of the available offers are on EXW/FCA basis. Thus, meaning, that the buyer has to organize the transportation on its own. However, the Fertrado team has loads of experience in dealing with logistics within the fertilizer sector, therefore any of the Fertrado team members will be always happy to help in organizing transportation. In the future, the system will have an “open pool” of active contracts, where logistical companies would be able to offer their services and prices directly to the buyer.
For an efficient and effective use of the platform, we have limited the list of offered products within our system. However, the current product categories comply for around 80%-85% of the whole worldwide demand for fertilizers. The full list of fertilizers that are traded within the Fertrado system is:
Nitrogen fertilizers: Ammonium Nitrate (AN34%); Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN27%); Urea ammonium nitrate (UAN32%); UREA prilled (N46%); UREA granulated (N46%); Ammonium Sulphate (AS21%).
Phosphate fertilizers: Diammonium Phosphate – DAP (NP 18-46); Monoammonium Phosphate – MAP (NP 12-52).
Potassium fertilizers: Muriate of Potash – MOP (60%)
NPKs – compound fertilizers: NPK 15-15-15; NPK 16-16-16; NPK 6-18-34; NPK 7-20-30; NPK 8-20-30; NPK 8-19-29; NPK 8-24-24; NPK 9-25-25; NPK 10-26-26 and other.

We are constantly working hard to expand our product listings. Therefore, if you are looking for a specific fertilizer, which is not yet listed on our marketplace, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:
The Fertrado system is based on a monthly subscription model plus a transaction fee of 0.5%-1% per agreed order (depending on the product). However, at the moment, only a transaction fee of 0.5%-1% per order applies to the platform users.
You can reach out to the Fertrado team via e-mail:; phone: +370 677 82488; or the available contact form on the website.

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